A lil’ piece of cake.

It’s with no pretension and under no type of pressure that I am finally starting this blog. If you are expecting me to relate every details of my Aussie trip so far, I am sorry to disappoint. But if you’re interested in my fav vegan banana bread recipe, in how I got into a band with 2% of ukulele skills or in my cheesy love story with a 6’3 German dude, then you should probably keep reading cuz you might enjoy every bite of it. This blog is written by a 22 years old woman, for women. If I can inspire, teach, advise or motivate a single one of you (even if it’s just you, mom!!!) then my heart is going to be straight filled up with pink and butterflies. 

Enjoy this lil’ piece of double-layer cake that is Hungry Happy Horny ❤ 




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