How to make friends as a solo backpacker in 1 step – 3 ingredients

Before landing in Sydney, from my Qantas kinda cosy seat (blankets furnished & all) , my brain was focused on 2 main fears : 1. A plane crash 2. Not being able to make friends in the country I was about to be stuck in for the next year. Luckily, after 3 weeks of hopping from hostels to hostels, I have learned a fair bit of tricks about the topic, and here’s what turned out to be my best Go To whenever staying in a Backpacker for a couple of days : Surprising the whole crew with some good-old homemade Banana Pancakes !

Vegan banana pancakes recipe :

serves 2


  • A large bowl
  • Whatever is handy to mash up some bananas (ex: a fork)
  • A pan
  • Whatever is handy to grease the pan (ex: canola oil spray from the free food shelf)


  1. 1 cup of Flour (white, whole meal, gluten free, who cares)
  2. 1 cup of Dairy-free milk (if you wanna keep it vegan)
  3. 1 medium mashed bananas

Now mash the bananas like there’s no tomorrow, then mix with the  flour & milk.Pour the mix into the pan as to create round shapes, and flap it over when no more bubbles on the top ( 3 mins). Serve with peanut butter & bananas in between the layers and maybe some fruits on the side. Put the volume on for you-know-which Jack Johnson’s song and get ready to become the most popular girl of the hostel!


Thank me later & enjoy a delicious brekkie – x



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