I am really freaking happy!

Hello, hello you dearest people! I haven’t post anything in a while because I am all settled up in Melbourne but new travels are on their way and this blog shall raise back to life ! Interesting stuff will come along, but today I am only  writing to share good vibes. Because I am in a really good place! It is the feeling I have been looking for coming here in Australia, the feeling I know I will always try to keep, or to recreate. I am genuinely happy, and here’s just a bit of why :))))))

My flatmates quickly turned into my best gal-pals, which is something I have been missing SO MUCH for the past months of traveling solo. It’s been only a few weeks but we already got to share : hike, concert, cheap wine, good food, laughs, tears and fears. We are supporting each other to our best trough every difficulties or Netflix marathon. They are the coolest Mexican chicks around and I feel #blessed to have them around when I come home sad, grumpy or drunk.

Speaking of a blessing : the people I am working with are the sweetest, kindest persons in the whole Fish & Chips industry. I have a manager who supports me and takes good pride in making me laugh, even when I am making big stressful mistakes (like nearly poisoning a customer by forgetting his Gluten-free request…oops). What ever tragedy happens, he always puts the blame on the customers – “they are all freaking idiots” anyways. The kitchen staff (international students with amazing accents) organise nights out and share donuts on the regular. The big boss & his wife invited me at their table on Christmas night so I wouldn’t feel ”lonely”. I am probably not making the best money, but I go to work knowing that it’s going to be a good day. That is worth more than $$$$, am I right !??

I am also super extremely happy because I have the best boyfriend in the world (I am cheesy as but u jealous !!!). Not only he’s f*cking gorgeous and seriously tall, he also takes care of me and makes me laugh like no others. We can share everything without games, or the fear of being judge. Our bodies are straight up made for each others (in every R-rated ways), and his smile gives me all kind of butterflies. He his my favorite and there’s no way I am leaving him alone in Germany!

I am living my life to the fullest. My New Year resolution was to make sure that what ever I do, I do it with a smile, or I don’t do it. Before coming to Australia, I had never tought I’d be traveling anywhere else this year. But here I am, soon to be joining one of my oldest friend in Vietnam, before reaching with the man I love in Germany. Already 3 countries in the same year. In the first 2 months of it. I FEEL SO FREE. Great things are coming up!!


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