Falling in love while abroad : mix feelings & salty kisses

An other kind of adventure

If they say traveling makes the strongest friendships, it also brings up to life the best love stories ever. Meeting someone who shares your interests and sense of humour, even that far from home – feels incredible. The fact that you’ve been through similar trip experiences/realities makes the boundaries tighter & quicker. The accent is sexy, the tan is on, and the ocean landscape behind that first kiss was magical. Relationships are all different, but this is what I have learned from my own love abroad experience. And why you should totally go for it !


No times for games

Even tough we are all sooo over games, they just seem to be a part of human nature. Except maybe when on a trip. You guys just met, but only have a few days before splitting paths. No times to play independent or to test his moves. Follow your guts feelings : either you keep up with your initial route, either you both change plans and become travel partners. Choosing option B means meeting every angles of your new man. You might decide it’s best to escape by the hotel window couple of nights later. We personally moved in together 3 weeks after our first smooch. I’d say it’s worth the try.

Together for the best

Traveling is amazing. And you’re about to share all the goods with Cute German boy you’ve met 6 days ago. Walks trough big cities, tasty spring rolls, conversations with nice locals, naps on gorgeous beaches. Experiencing all of this together will fill your relationship with sensations of freedom and pure happiness.

…and the worse.

We don’t hear about the downsides of traveling enough, though they are very real. You will get into deep troubles together, and will have to become a serious dream team. The key is to stay calm and comprehensive, to learn not to react to a reaction. You’re already lost in the middle of nowhere. Fighting on who’s fault it is ain’t gonna help you back on track. Car battery is out in a no-signal zone ? Your passport got lost? You guys will survive each and every ugly situations, and that will make you the most powerful couple ever.


You’ll become best friends real fast

24/7 together, for multiple weeks in a row. The conversations will reach deeper levels. He will get to know your daily routine, your cute yawns and weird snacking habits. But he’ll also finds all about how easily you get angry, how you eat pop-corn noisily, and can turn into a cry baby at the least expecting time. You will learn everything about each others much quicker than in a regular relationship, but will also adapt to those little things in no time. He’ll know when you need coffee, space, or a good cuddle. You will understand him and say just the right thing when needed. You’ll start playing video games, he’ll try out your facemasks. You will become best friends in the world.


Due date is coming

You knew it from the beginning, he has to get back home in a few weeks. Due date might only be in a month, you will think about it – a lot. What’s going to happen next ? When is it a good time to talk about it ? Is it worth it to put energy in a relationship that is going to break soon anyways? All of those questions will pop up, and you might even think about bringing everything to an end. Don’t. Talk to your partner, communicate your fears and feelings. Make a plan, decide what’s next ASAP. No times for negative emotions, it’s all about enjoying every single moments you have left.

And then what ?

There’s so many possible scenarios here, and so many ways to act on them. But chances are you will  split up, and feel the deepest heartbreak ever. Leaving someone who you love because of distance, obligations or a lack of money is the most un-natural thing to do. I like to believe that if two persons are made for each others, they will find their way back. But for now, all that matters is this simple fact : it was worth it.






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