How to get rid of a UTI quickly & naturally

A demoniac creation

If you were born with a vagina, you probably know exactly what’s a Urinary Tract Infection. The luckiest of us have only been there a few times, but many women are dealing with it many.times.a.year. Lord, don’t think we will forgive. Feeling the need to pee every 3 minutes (sometimes less) in the middle of a final exam, a conference or a 30 mins metro ride. Eyy but at least it’s not poop ! Still. It burns, it’s impossible to control and it even tries to destroy our kidney. The only o.k thing to do is to lay in bed, a liter of cranberry juice handy, legs spread in front of a air-blowing fan. NOT COOL.

If it happens pretty often, you might dislike the idea of filling your body with drugs, nor your days with Dr. appointment. Fear no more! I have tried pretty much all the natural techniques/products I could  find from : the internet, my mommy, the vegan store. The list of tips I am offering you truly WORKS. Often not only for UTI’s, but also for yeast infections, and all the annoying-something that can affect the inner tights. Got a pen & paper ready? It’s time to make a shopping list !

Drink your water

I know, drinking more water = needing to pee more often. But let’s be honest, you already feel like peeing allll the time. The only difference is that you are actually going to pee something, and not only 2 tiny drops that will burn your p*ssy alive. The more urine, the quicker you flush out the evil bacteria ! So chug it, girl.

Grapefruit seeds extract

This natural product is a freaking blessing. The one I use comes as a liquid. All you need to do is to press out exactly 15 drops in a shooter glass, and mix it with your favorite juice. The saying ”it taste like shit but it works” will never be so accurate. 2 times a day – from the first symptoms till it’s completely gone.


Tea Tree Oil

If you’ve probably heard of this essential oil before, it is not known enough for its UTI remedies. This one works on the spot by cooling down the burn and making your V feel fresh again. Simply apply a big drop on your finger and rub it where it hurts. Rinse it slightly with water afterwards. Repeat when needed. Keep the oil in your purse at all time, it’s a life saver! Also works well against headaches (rub it against your temples) or acne’s breakouts.teatree

Prevention is key

Aright, you got rid of it this time. But a new one is just waiting to make its way. Luckily there’s some efficient ways to prevent UTI’s. Clean yourself from the front to the back. PEE AFTER SEX. Every.single.time. Use condoms, and make sure you’re always well lubricate. Keep drinking that water !!

Hopefully those advices will change your life just like it changed mine. Please share & comment your personal tricks bellow ! Let’s make sure to help other ladies to get rid of the most uncomfortable feeling ever.




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